Truth In Advertising

I definitely believe in the truth in advertising

We all do. 

We also, however, appreciate the marketing descriptions that go with advertising; that is the marketing spin that encourages you to sign your children up for their first swimming lesson.

We prefer this:

In just ten, half-hour lessons we will teach your children how to do the basic arm strokes and flutter kicks associated with elementary swimming. They will learn to place their faces in the water and blow bubbles. They will learn how to bob in and out of the water and hold their breath. We will teach your kids how to safely paddle swim back to the edge of the pool if they happen to fall in. Enjoy early evenings by the pool and start them on a lifelong journey of enjoying recreational swimming.

Rather than this:

First swim lessons available for kids need to learn pool safety. Even if they hate getting their faces wet and they scream through the entire 30 minute lesson, they will learn basic arm strokes and leg kicks. Join us pool-side as the chilly air makes them hang onto you and/or their instructor for fear of the cold water freezing their tiny bodies. While they are screaming and crying, they will forget to listen to the instructor, they may slip under water and swallow heavily chlorinated water and come up sputtering, leaving them hating the pool, water and swimming, maybe for their entire lives, but probably only until they are at least 4′ tall and can stand in the shallow end on their own.

While that second one would be closer to the truth in advertising for first swim lessons…we really just want them to learn how to swim and enjoy the water. I am not making fun of learning to swim…I am just observing and thankful that my kids are past this stage and LOVE the water!! We certainly had our cringe-worthy moments, as described in detail above.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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