Trust The Process

Something that I usually see, or hear in some way or another is a simple phrase that reminds me to trust the process.

Trust is important and a lot of times, the way it has always been done is the best way. It wasn’t always the best, someone had to create a better solution. Sometimes the process has to be reinvented. When that is the case, you need someone who knows everything there is to know about solving problems and finding a better, more efficient and more effective way to do it.

That person, in my world, is my husband…he has spent a long time learning how to evaluate problems, operations, systems, and fix them. It is what he does.

Technically, his calling, his career, his role with clients is being an Industrial Engineer, or an operations expert, and process engineer – there are many things that you can call it. At the end of the day, it may be easiest to think of it as being really good at figuring out how things work, how they could work better and how to help people change – by changing what, when and how they do (anything) to make it happen. Then, going one more step and helping them believe that this new way is the better way.

Save money, do things faster, get to the solution that will be better in the long run. Fix a problem, even if it is a problem that you never thought you’d have to solve or even consider in your life, work, role in this world.

Simple things, fall into this category, like making coffee. Sure, it is not Earth shattering but certainly it is important and his coffee mug has this quote on it. He (usually) makes the coffee…which is so very lovely. You know – if you know me – you know that I like coffee…not like all day long, dependent on it, but – one really good cup a day is a nice way to start.

One really good cup of coffee with a great phrase on it to help you focus.

Again, if you know me, you may not be asking “what does trust the process have to do with marketing, or life?” For those of you who don’t, it has a lot to do with, everything…just think about it. It matters. More. Believe me, and if you have a question on how, why or when, you can call him, because of those are your questions, he will figure it out. Or, just let me know and I will have him call you, because there is a lot more that you can tell him about your problem than I can – I am just here to make sure that the people who need help get it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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