Take At Least 1 Step

No one can run a Marathon flat out without planning in advance and training for it. If it is – for some reason – your goal then you have to start somewhere. If you have never run, or are barely even active, then just take at least 1 step toward this goal.

No one ever said, however, that you should run a Marathon. It is probably pretty bad for your body. Months of training, pushing, straining, pounding your body into the pavement.

So, maybe it is something to do, something to stretch for, but your goal can change. Half Marathon; 10K maybe a 5K. Or, just a commitment to be active and add cardio to your weekly routine.

If you are looking to change the status quo, you have to take at least 1 step. Start today – while you do, look around and enjoy the view. Breath in deeply and make the most of every single step.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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