Traditions Today

Just a short blog post for today. It’s about traditions today that are simply carried on from old habits, things that mom & dad did, or their parents did and our friends did too… We fell right into the pitfall so many others have (and continue to do.)

  • Get married.
  • Register for china.
  • Buy silver.
  • Receive gifts of all this stuff that you may not need and may never even use.

I can only assume that this whole process is still happening because I am in the market for furniture and I see plenty of china closets available for purchase.

We still have our china. I decided to keep it. However, the china closet is gone. (Not that the china was displayed there any way.) So, why are traditions today still based on what generations behind us thought were important?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Big, heavy and completely unnecessary (albeit a pretty color)

Big, heavy and completely unnecessary (albeit a pretty color)

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