Slightly Better

Earlier today, we had quite a little party here. Last minute we decided what we were going to have for food – it had been maybe brunch, maybe lunch, maybe mid-day but not staying for dinner…We thought we would keep it simple, so we called in an order for 5 hoagies. What they offered was slightly better.

I don’t mean the food selection. What could be better than hoagies? Especially for people who don’t come through Philly regularly. A nostalgic reminder of growing up here…ok, maybe not – they do live in a place with hoagies…just not like they make them here. (They call them subs. To be honest, so do I, but that doesn’t matter to the story.)

When we called the shop for lunch, they asked us how many people? So, we told them, even though we knew how much we wanted to buy. “There are 14 with adults and kids.” So they suggested that they could cut them in smaller pieces and arrange them on a few trays for easier serving. (“Keep the extra trays in the refrigerator until you need them.)


They took it to the next level.

They suggested something that was only just slightly better than we asked them to make – but MUCH better when we had to serve it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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