Concierge Level Service

So, long story short. We had a car that was totaled in an accident about 3 weeks ago. My father-in-law was driving and he is, luckily, doing pretty well recovering considering how much vehicle damage was sustained. (Gotta LOVE those airbags, especially that little one down by the pedals that we didn’t even know existed.) Tonight, after all of the stress of an accident, we received the best service one could want – concierge level service – from a used car dealer, no less.

Many thanks for our dedicated and thorough auto sales manager, Tim who works at a local dealership. He searched and found a car we could “afford” based on our total loss insurance payment. It met our basic needs for safety, mileage and size. Even better, the feature set is great; leather, heated seats and a sport package – so, it looks pretty darn good on the road. (The kids aren’t so sure about the color, but they will get used to it, they’re resilient!)

On top of all of that…as if it weren’t enough, Tim met us at the Hertz shop so we could return our rental, delivered the car to our home, brought the paper work for me to sign and put our license plate on the vehicle before he left. Now, that is concierge level service! No extra cost, no stress, no lost time after everything else we have had to do with this already. Buying  a car is tough, buying a used car, when you didn’t plan on having to buy one, is even tougher. This made all the difference in the world.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS It is too late and too dark now to take a picture…sorry.

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