Totally Worth It

Celebrating special days of spring are totally worth it…regardless of whether or not the weather is cooperating.

However, out for breakfast during one of the busiest Sunday mornings may not have been the best idea. The restaurants are crowded, the wait is long, the kitchen can’t put the love and care into your meal because the staff is harried.

The very same meal on another day of the week (it is spring break after all…) would probably have been a much more enjoyable experience.

Flash forward just 10 hours and dinner out was totally worth it. I know out to eat twice in one day is a bit much, but like I said, we have important celebrations in our life today, this week and this month. It could have been the restaurant, it could have been the switch from grey chilly day to an evening wintery-mix forecast, but whatever it was made me – and the entire family – so much happier during the birthday boy’s dinner.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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