Tonight Is…

Tonight, of all nights. Tonight is…


  • Yoga Night. (Class is on break until January – work out on your own. You know the routine.)
  • Trash night. (They will not pick up tomorrow. See to it on Wednesday evening for a pick up a day late.)
  • Allergy treatment. (Enough said about that for now.)

Instead, it is definitely Christmas Eve…

  • A time for dinner with all your family.
  • The last chance to wrap presents.
  • Maybe, if you’re lucky to be done with that task, movie night – a favorite Christmas tale – one that everyone can enjoy.
  • New Christmas Jammies (it’s a thing, a tradition for two decades…even if we don’t always get pics.)
  • Finally, hanging stockings and putting out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.

Tonight is… the night we’ve waited for all year with anticipation. A night that we love, a twinkling in our eyes, fingers and toes…as so many of us do. In just twelve more hours, after a beautiful sleep – after all, they’re teens and will peacefully let us wake at our leisure. Finally. All of the planning. All of the shopping. All of the prep. We will all get to enjoy…finally Christmas Day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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