No More Rushing

With Christmas day preparations all complete, there is no more rushing around. Nothing left to do but…take a break. It is time to:

  • have a second, leisurely cup of coffee.
  • assess the results of your efforts.
  • watch others, ooh and ahh, surprised and delighted.
  • enjoy their gifts.
  • sit down to eat.
  • give (and get) hugs and kisses.
  • greet new family members.
  • tell long, winding stories.
  • sit down to eat again.
  • let the kids do what they want to do.
  • take a few bites of cookies.
  • steal another kiss from your sweetie, every chance you get.
  • give in to a nap if the mood strikes you.
  • put your feet up.
  • linger around the table.

It’s that time of year when if you can, take a break. No more rushing to school, work and back again; at least for another week. Time off. Time together. Time to just be. Make the most of it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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