Three Girls

There are so many ideas running through my head today. I’m settling in on a topic that has less to do with marketing and more to do with life and social perception or preference… I’m always fascinated by birth order and whether it matters if a girl or a boy is the oldest. My mom is one of three girls and she is the oldest.

My grandfather – unlike others – never seemed to miss out in having a boy. For that I was grateful. I was the oldest grandchild. I was a girl.

So many people have asked (in history) is it a boy? Do you have a boy? Oh, a girl…

Not him. He was proud of his girls. He was tough on them and helped them be strong. He taught them and learned from them, too.

They are strong. And they are women, even if they happen to laugh and giggle like girls sometimes…

They – like him and my grandmother – value family and they passed that on to their children, too. While we still have some room to grow, they’re setting a wonderful example carrying on in the traditions. Regardless of boys or girls, daughters or sons, male or female – what matters is the way you raise your kids – not perception or what YOU want, and certainly not what society says you should want.

I’d have been thrilled to have three girls, or three boys, or 2 boys and a girl. I have girl, boy, girl and it works for us. Anything else, well, it would be different, I’m certain of that, but THAT would be interesting, too.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

He was happy, appreciative, thankful, loving, strong and especially proud of not just his three girls, but his 9 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, too.

Miss you already, PopPop, aka Great PopPop, aka Daddy, aka Helen’s Husband…everything you were to the three girls and their kids, and their kids…was just right.

~ Love, Dawn aka little turkey aka Hat Girl

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