The New Label

Have you ever noticed that the latest trend in diet and general health will show up on products that didn’t even HAVE the offending ingredient in the first place. So, the company revises the packaging and the new label shares that it is indeed “gluten free”.

Yea, ok, they are apples or milk – we know it’s gluten free!! (Or, do you?)

Never mind that the latest buzz says that we have to promote gluten free, low fat, low carb, no carb, no HFCS, etc etc etc.

My very favorite is when (ages ago when the trend was low fat) it was pointed out that Twizzlers are low fat…that still doesn’t mean you can eat a pound of them…all that sugar will indeed turn to fat over time.

Read carefully.

Be aware of what they’re saying and whether it really matters.

Do you need to be gluten free? Or, would you just prefer that the ingredients are not GMO – cause who, in fact, needs their whole wheat bread to include genetically modified organisms?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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