This for That

One key (and essential) component of free market is getting this for that.

  • I will give you my time (and effort) and you will give me money.
  • I will give you this item, and you will give me (yes) money.

You get the idea, but then there are other ways to make it work.

  • Barter (usually services, but could be goods, too.)
  • Exchange of equally valued (or perceived value) items.

When it comes to gifts, there is no real need to give this for that in an equal exchange. It just happens. Sometimes with nothing in return other than a thank you, a hug or squeals of excitement and joy. In fact, sometimes the giver is more willing to give something than the receiver needs, or even thinks they want (or, think they deserve.) Merry Christmas to all of you givers out there. Thank you in advance for making people happy and creating smiles – even with nothing else in return. Whether you are a parent, a friend who knows someone needs something (right now) or a donor – you are loved and appreciated – no matter what it is that you have done or given.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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