Just In Case

Just in case you forgot that you preposted your social media activity with the thought that everything would be “business as usual”, you might want to make sure that it is still what you want to say.

Just a little reminder that not everything can be silly, lighthearted and fun…although, we do need more of that, too.

Maybe you had something clever to share about one of these topics:

  • March Madness
  • Easter family gatherings or getaways
  • Mid-terms and then going away on spring break
  • Yard clean up and plantings
  • First day of spring

All of which, while worthy a month ago, even a week or a day ago, seem pretty inconsequential now.

Whatever it is, it might be good to go back and read your hoot suite, buffer or prescheduled posts. Just in case you want to update, pull back, and advise your customers and clients of your current situation. Yep, maybe check on that. (You can always save the clever memes for later.) It is not, apparently, going as we thought spring of 2020 would turn out.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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