There’s always a new beginning to be had

There is always a new beginning to be had…

Yes, it is Monday. It’s a fresh new week.

Sure, you may start your week on Sunday, the calendar has MADE us think that…but really, Monday is the start of the week.

But, really isn’t that an arbitrary day to start something new?It could be any day. Any day at all.

Starting back to school on Thursday this year was a good thing, the kids had 2 days, then a long holiday weekend and the following week only had 4 days. It was awesome. It gave us time to ease into the school schedule.

Of course, last week, the first full week of school was a crazy one for me with 4 of 5 days of travel. (I haven’t done that in a long time!) I work from home most days and start out or end up at home in my office. It is a great beginning to any day!

It wasn’t always like that. I used to work crazy long days and weeks, traveling 2 to 3 times per month, overnight, on a plane in another city or state… Meeting with new faces or familiar ones; hosting 200 people for training; leading a new project team; reviewing sites for acquisition; waiting for the rain in FL to stop so we could get out of the car and not be soaked for the rest of the day, afternoon, evening until we checked into our hotel at 9PM.

I changed. I made a new beginning; I left big corporate to go tiny – not start up tiny, but 35 units tiny. Compared to 4500 – it was very different and somehow pretty similar.

There is always a new beginning to be had… you just have to decide. Will it start today? Well, maybe not, maybe it will start on Friday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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