Plan or Spontaneous?

Do you plan out everything or are you spontaneous?

When you plan and everything turns out on time, on budget just as you want it to be, that is incredible. All the up front work – setting goals and working each detail to completion is very rewarding.

Sometimes, however, you have to be spontaneous. Not because you want to be, but because you have to be. If something comes at you that you didn’t plan, you have to go with it, modify the plan.

Make the best of what you have today. If the client shows up a day early, the supplies don’t come in on time, or a competitor launches their new product and distracts your customers – do you have the creativity and the spontaneity to recapture their attention and to make the sale, meet your budget and get back to a point where you can reactivate your plan?

Sometimes, you have to be spontaneous. That is when you realize that planning isn’t everything, going off plan can still be incredible.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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