Really, There are Bigger Things

When we continue to debate the issues, if you think about it, really, there are bigger things to worry about first.

You can list what is on your mind. I know what is on mine.

They don’t have a thing to do with the world-issues.

Not a single one.

It is all about my kids, my family, my business, my community and my town…and after that, the country and world wide issues come in to play.

  • Are we missing a key immunization, eating well and exercising enough – what else can we do to stay healthy?
  • Will my kids be happy?
  • Should they go to college, learn a trade or just go right to work after high school?
  • Have I taught them enough to supplement what they learn in school to be successful?
  • Will they be friends as they age, even more than they are now?
  • Will the rest of the family also grow up, get married and stay in touch?
  • Will the cousins, aunts, parents be healthy long enough to be here for the big things in life?
  • Are my clients getting value for their investment?
  • Am I helping them enough?
  • What else can I do; what can I learn to help them stay competitive?
  • How is the widow down the street? It was a fairly large commotion a few nights ago, but nothing compared to what she is facing now.
  • Does that after midnight call keep the EMTs up at night – do they think – could we have saved him?
  • Are they really cutting down all of those trees on the main roads, and why are they doing such a crummy job of it? (It looks awful – will add to the noise level and the sun exposure, raising electric bills for all of those homeowners…)
  • Will anyone rent that space and fill the building with value added businesses that bring traffic to the other businesses, too?
  • What is the next big thing and how can we waste so much time on the internet – between Reddit, Youtube and Facebook – how do we get a single thing done?
  • What did I forget to do today?

These things and more are on my mind.

All. The. Time.

I know that really, there are bigger things but these are the ones that come first and keep me up at night. Until I figure these things out, the other things will have to wait.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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