Their Own Little World

Setting aside the controversy of the threats to the lives of bees, they live in their own little world – rather oblivious to us humans – but, for more reason than one, we need to pay attention to them.

As we officially transition from summer into fall, with more humid and hotter weather than we had a full month ago, we are in need of their efforts, their time and their lovely by product. We should appreciate them more. Honor them more. Support them more.

Be natural, plant more flowers, forget about pesticides, let the spiders rule…


Local honey is a good option for those of us humans, whether you prefer blueberry, clover, orange blossom, buckwheat, raspberry, lavender or another variety altogether – to help transition into the fall season.

We selected two, local, grown, made and harvested right here in our little home town. I am sure that if we planted enough flowers in the cities, on the roof tops, we would find micro-system beekeepers to collect and help make use of the honorable bees’ efforts.

Healthy living, healthier living through the bees who have their own little world and an amazing appreciation of the flowers we grow. Enjoy these last moments of summer and embrace the fall weather, seasonal allergies and all…helped by a little dose of local (to you) honey.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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