Their Own World

Entrepreneurs are happiest when they can create their own world – one that is unique and different and achieves their goals. Even better, they want as many people as possible to join them and celebrate their unique products and services.

Part of the process to engage people, whether you call them a customer or a client or a guest, or (hopefully) a raving fan – is to be one of a kind. Or, maybe, simply, to change the world as we know it.

I decided that I had to share this company (Quinn Snacks) and their not-so-unique but certainly effective common-ground perspective.  I think of them as a relatively new company – at least newish compared to the food conglomerates out there. Even though they have only been around since 2010 they’ve done a lot:

  • they are way past the start up stage – because they are still around and they have a cool website
  • their products are in Target – which means they have enough of a following, good story and the methods to deliver … to Target – all across the country
  • they have a solid chance of really making an impact on something that more and more people are passionate about – good food that won’t hurt you

Plus, their marketing campaigns and the stories they tell on their packaging is so fun. “…besides, everything tastes better when you have a hand in making it.”

At least that is what they say and it is indeed clever. Kids, especially enjoy that.

Adults, well, maybe and maybe not.  Now, while I do enjoy eating their microwavable popcorn snacks – they have no aftertaste whatsoever – I have decided to try their Farm-to-Bag products, too – because sometimes we just want someone else to make it for us.

The founder’s perspective sounds like she wants her kids to be assured of their own world – one that is positive, good and healthier even when you decide to snack. Which, let’s face it, we all like to do. Enjoy and please try their pop corn.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

P.S. I have no reason to tell you to do it other than I want this company to continue to grow and succeed and inspire other “wanna be entrepreneurs” to succeed, too.

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