The Whole Jar

Most people would think it decadent and indulgent to eat the whole jar of…anything.

  • Jam
  • Olives
  • Candy
  • Pickles
  • Bonbons
  • Cookies

Yet, today the restaurant where a long time friend of mine and I enjoyed a leisurely (and long overdue) brunch where they encourage you to do just that. Farm to table, for over thirty years, they really do make you feel “at home”, granting you permission like no one other than your grandmother might have given…relax, sit back and take your time. Enjoy a leisurely meal, share your stories, catch up and reconnect.

One of their signature desserts is the whole jar of cookies (and cookie bars), served with a glass of milk. They literally bring you the entire jar. Just like home, relaxing around the table. More than that, everything we ate seemed like it was made just for us.  The day was filled with love, not a hint of guilt along with the most delicious shortbread cookies I’ve had in years. In addition to guilt-free dining, letting us drop out of the world for a couple of hours, helped create a new and wonderful memory for us to cherish.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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