The Twenties

It is hard to believe that we are about to enter the Twenties. I am not sure what it will be like, but also not sure we can just use the term “The Roaring Twenties” all over again.

I have already read e-mails with promotions using that term…

There was a reason they called it The Roaring Twenties…and until we know more, not sure that we can use that moniker.

In 1910 did they call them the Aughts? (I don’t think so, thus we have precedence to come up with a new catch phrase or term.)

What about this next decade can we expect?

Women can already vote, and do anything a man can do (sometimes better, sometimes not…sometimes it just depends on the individual person and not their biological sex.)

Women don’t need approval to cut their hair short, or wear above the knee fringed dresses that accentuate their moving hips when they dance. Nor, do men need approval to wear their hair long, or wear fringed dresses if they choose – whether they are dancing or not.

Men and women alike would rather not have a decade plus long ban on alcohol. It didn’t work one hundred years ago and there are a lot of up and coming craft beer, boutique distilleries and wine bars that would end up closing; bankrupting a lot of people and impact taxes in a negative way.

Men still hold the door for ladies (and is a true gentleman if he holds it for the guys, too.)

So, while we have improved since the Twenties (the original ones), a lot has stayed the same. The memories are not our own, they are borrowed from history books, black and white movies, and the stories that were passed down from prior generations…some whom we have had the pleasure of knowing. I guess we shall see what will come next – even if it doesn’t happen over night.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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