Happen Overnight

New beginnings don’t happen overnight. Just because it is the first of the new year doesn’t mean that you need to start something now. It may take a week. It might take a month, or even an entire year to make a decision to do something differently.

After all, life doesn’t happen in an instant. It happens over minutes, days, months, and years.

When we think of things that change overnight they are out of our control…they happen to us.

Real changes, like:

  • losing weight,
  • regular exercising,
  • eating healthy (all the time),
  • being more mindful,
  • improving or learning new skills, or
  • making a new career move,

all take time.

Even just one part of some of these things takes a regular habit of participation. It takes attention.

Furthermore, you need to be the one to say you were ready.

No simple calendar flip from one month to another, or one year to the next will make this happen.

Happy New Year. Welcome to the year 2020 – let’s see what happens over the next twelve months, because nothing truly great happens overnight.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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