Abandoned Cart

Today’s meaning of an abandoned cart is so much more meaningful than years ago. Back then, it simply meant someone who was too lazy to roll it back to the corral in the parking lot at the grocery or department store.

To be honest, there are many terms that just don’t mean the same anymore, whether it is that the term was co-opted or the definition changed.

Even as I wrote it, “department” isn’t right for today. Instead, big box would probably be more appropriate for the local get-almost-everything-you-need-in-one-place retailer.

As times change, and modern product purveyors continue to evolve, there will be less need for a big box, unless that is what they need to ship your items right to your doorstep.

We used to refer to just in time delivery to the inventory that would then be sold. More and more it is the gift that arrives the day of the birthday, baby shower or holiday. (We had a book we ordered be delivered on Easter Sunday once…I am still pretty amazed by that.)

Prime meant something that was either rib steak, or perfectly ripe and picked at the peak of the season, artfully displayed on the plate by the chef.

We get online, vs. on line and sometimes it can take even longer than being in person in the aforementioned brick and mortar shop.

Whatever it used to mean has just gone by the way side.

It’s all okay. It is the evolution of retailing. We look forward to what is coming in the next decade and hoping it is more efficient yet more effective, less expensive while being fair trade, and either biodegradable, green or sustainable.

Just don’t leave an abandoned cart they (and by they, I mean everyone other than home organizers) hate that. If you do that careless thing, they will e-mail you, re-target advertise to you and – depending on what you have allowed – text you, too. All in the hopes of capturing your business, your loyalty and your dollars because they still have some value today even if they are not what they used to be either.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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