The Silver Lining

Sometimes there are so many thing that you want to happen that you miss out on the things that are so positive, you have to see the silver lining in spite of the despair.

In five years time, what happened today or tomorrow or even yesterday won’t matter.

But, you will probably remember the one thing that did matter.

  • A story someone told you that made you laugh until you cried.
  • The support from a service provider who told you they would not charge you (even though they could) because they couldn’t fix it.
  • That person in your life who really looked at you; stopped and told you that you had a great smile, or your hair looked amazing.
  • A long, long, warm hug from one of your kids.
  • Seeing the struggle and then accomplishment by another child of yours.
  • Hearing good news from your family.
  • The silly thing you though you lost, and you didn’t know how much it mattered until you accidentally found it (you are one lucky bug!)

Life is far too short to focus on the dark and horrible…be sure to look for the bright spots. See the sun even on a rainy day. Feel the wind on your face and take a deep breath. Always be thankful when the silver lining shows itself when you least expect to find it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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