Two More

There are just two more

  • years – until she graduates – omygosh could it really be that short?
  • months – but from today, it is just November and then December, counting down until the end of 2020. Still plenty of time to make this year better than it has been so far.
  • weeks – until we get to hang out with friends with whom we’ve made plans.
  • days – and then, perhaps we will know something better than anxiety.
  • hours – until bedtime. Seriously, even with an extra hour, it feels later since it’s been so dark all day.
  • minutes – so you can read this – maybe a bit more, perhaps a bit less. It certainly shouldn’t take you longer than that either.

Make your own list and welcome two more of anything that would be enjoyed in life. It’s one way to make each moment better than the past has shown itself to be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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