Still Welcome

I am happy to say that even after all these years, we are still welcome to crash at our family members homes, and vice versa. So it goes with our own kids, who while still home for their permanent residence, we still miss them when they are temporarily living away from home.

Our hearts were created from all of these moments and they continue to be filled and refilled time and time again.

  • Friends stay in the guest room, bunk with the kids or crash on the couch when we have many all at once.
  • We share more hugs than less.
  • Telling stories and staying up all night talking even though we know we will be tired in the morning.
  • We create and eat meals together; then enjoy dessert. We will probably have some more snacks later, too.
  • They take out their phone to share pictures, making us laugh; then we all laugh some more.
  • Someone will build a fire, or we will sit on the porch.
  • Perhaps we will throw the bocce ball or toss the bean bags at the new corn hole game.
  • Somehow we make the time pass faster than we’d think it could.
  • All in all, we create new memories and do our best to make the old ones last.

No matter what happens, no matter how much time has passed, everyone is still welcome and we can’t wait to invite you back again soon.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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