The Love of Cupcakes

The recent trend of fancy bakers has fueled the love of cupcakes. I know this trend is a bit, well, not that current, but still – who doesn’t love cupcakes?

This weekend, we had 3 birthday celebrations and one very fun holiday, too.

Plenty of reason to enjoy cupcakes, desserts and sweets, not to mention delectable beverages.

It doesn’t take a birthday though to enjoy the wide variety of icing, cake and toppings that you can have with gourmet mini cakes that have replaced the elementary school staple that we all knew and loved.

Wasn’t it the best when mom was able to dedicate an evening to you, for your birthday and bake off 2 dozen of your favorite cake, choice of flavor and color icing…and then to top them with sprinkles, gum drops, mini-decor hearts or shamrocks.

I am fairly certain that the love of cupcakes as a child has brought them back with an air of nostalgia.  There is a clear and present understanding that adults everywhere will spend $3 or $4 a piece to bring back that moment. That moment in their childhood when everyone sang happy birthday and they were the center of attention.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Inspired by my one and only son…happy day to you and many, many more cupcakes! I think you could eat 15 if you wanted, but you don’t have to prove it.

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