The Hot Seat

Today, being in the hot seat can be a good thing. 

No, you say. Not good. But, you are thinking of being the center of attention; being asked a lot of questions about what you do and how you do it…or why you do it (or did it.)

Basically, being interrogated. Well, sure, that can be horrible. (Unless you thrive on attention.)

So, actually…Yes, I say. It is good. This morning was 37 degrees at home, but 31 where I was…and I will be honest, I was being driven by someone else, with a car full of people and I missed my seat warmers. 

My new car has them in the back seats, too. Well, not the third row, but it does have a remote car starter, so if it is really sub-freezing, I can pre-warm the car from the comfort of home and keep the car locked, safe and sound while we stay inside cozy and warm.

Meanwhile, in the mad morning rush, the kids are probably in the hot seat – are you sure you did all your home work? Brush your hair? Teeth? (That’s important, too.) It’s ok…they now have a warm and cozy car to hug them all the way to school. Kiss. Kiss. Hug. Hug. Love you to pieces and that’s why I got this car…well, at least three reasons.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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