A Couple Days

A couple days ago, the cook at the restaurant was at the end of his day and the end of his patience. Today, he was in a much better mood.

It seems so trivial now.

There are always trivial things that happen or that affect people.

They focus on them and they get all tied up in knots, stressing out about the littlest things. Some bigger than others, but still – in the end, they are all rather minor.

A couple days ago, I still had one surviving grandparent. Monday’s events changed all that when my grandfather left this world… I still have a lot of thoughts to put together, but wanted to at least put this out there. I need some time to think and craft this story. Have patience. Grandparents mean so much and I have been very lucky indeed to have as many, as long as I have had in my life. Love you Pop…we’ll always have Paris.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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