Extended Warranty

There are limitations in the automotive extended warranty, as you can certainly imagine – just like with a coffee maker, an iPad or a flat panel TV. 

The manufacturers can’t guarantee full replacement or even support of repair – well, for a few reasons. Number one is that they can’t afford it… In particular, Nissan has three reasons why their manufacturer warranty will be null and void:

  1. Conditions that the vehicle was not intended to be in (such as extended extreme cold or heat…so last winter, with our extended sub-freezing temps would have met this exemption.) 
  2. Acts of God (of course – no one can control that…
  3. User driving habits – or error.

So, after explaining all of this, the finance manager (a very sweet guy, father of 3, 2 girls and a boy…adorable pictures of his kids facing our side of the desk) asked us if we wanted to pay the cost now, with our monthly payment. A mere additional $50 to $100 per month gets us more years and miles over the standard three year, 36 month warranty. 

After the glowing recommendation or the benefits of the program, I think we will skip the extended warranty

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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