Start With Research

When making big decisions, sometimes we just throw caution to the wind. (Like booking a trip to Europe with just 30 days before you depart.) Other times, we take referrals and advice. It is usually best however, to start with research.

Now, since it is so very easy to just causally type the question into a Google box and press enter/send/go/the right arrow – whatever you need to do to get results. There really is no excuse.

It doesn’t come without problems…

  • A mobile phone or tablet searches may not give you the answer.
  • Or, the answer may not be true…up to date or include all of the facts.
  • Plus, some industries are so complicated that you have to talk to someone. An expert. A licensed professional. That person, may or may not be the right person to help you in the end, but at least they will help you get started on learning more.

Sure, you can search online and that is a very – good – place – to – start. (Come on sing it with me now…)

Just don’t make a decision until you start with research that you need to make an educated, well-thought out, balanced and long-lasting decision – top it off with one that you can afford to make.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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