The Children’s Channel

Many of you, my peers and even younger, will think hmmm. The Children’s Channel. That’s PBS right???

Sure. It is (or it was when I was a kid.) Now it is YouTube, after Disney or Nickelodeon. My youngest watched PBS and Sesame Street, but loved Disney better, then Teen Nick and finally all the “digital TV” options besides YouTube, Netflix and Plex etc. The younger two barely even know that PBS and Sesame Street exist…is it even still on public broadcast?

However, I digress. What I was really thinking of today was the alternative methods, people or venues used to spread the word about your brand or your location – whether through product sales or service offers. Better known as Channel Marketing.

Add kids into the mix and call it fundraising.

I’ll call it “The Children’s Channel” and in this case it could be the sales of anything that creates mutually beneficial revenue.  I like the sales of things you already would buy. More along the lines of the flowers you will put on your front porch each season. Or, maybe the pre-paid vouchers for cinnamon buns that you will buy to treat co-workers or guests to your child’s early Saturday soccer game. I like them more than the traditional “fundraising” sales of chocolate bars, magazines (even though we greatly appreciate the purchases from our friends so far…), oh, and wrapping paper, frozen cookie dough and pies. Face it – regardless of what they’re selling, who can say no to kids? Especially when they really want to earn funding for their class or organization trip coinciding with fall when you really needed those mums to brighten up your door!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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