The After Party

Ahh, the after party…always fun. No one ever wants the fun to end, even though the party, is indeed, over.

On this special occasion, hanging out for a few more hours with family, was just what we needed. It couldn’t have been a better weekend, friends from near and far, family who travelled miles and miles, too.

Today, having my sisters and two of my aunts – thank you ladies – who traveled from as far away as Hawaii and Indiana, helped make the party last just a bit longer for me, my dad and mom along with our guest of honor.

Sitting, singing, sipping Sofia Coppola’s Prosecco on a calm Sunday afternoon was sort of bitter sweet. The party really is over. Now it’s time to get to work, time to get back to the every day routines, deadlines without a single day off and tons of catch up to do. I’m pretty sure we will actually have to cook a proper dinner tomorrow; no more paper plates and take out pizza at the last minute…or, will we?

I think we have a birthday or two coming up later this week. Oh, yes we do!

So, we can never say never of course, and there is still some time before we have to decide about tomorrow and like always, tomorrow is another day.

Of course, having a party is not all fun and games, after it ends and we did spend the first few hours of the wee morning on the after party clean up – taking down tents and twinkle lights…Think about this though, even if you didn’t have cake or sparkling wine, those little lights can turn any old day into magic. Maybe, just maybe we should leave them up for the rest of the summer. I’m sure we will have another reason to celebrate soon and if we don’t, we will invent one and this whole party will start all over again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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