Summer Daze

When you have a weekend before a holiday, it is so tempting to just take the entire week off. If only we could. If only we were kids again. We really needed to do it…especially as it was preceded by weeks and weeks of crazy end of year events, meetings, celebrations, birthdays, plays, exams, performances and client deliverables.  If you really think about it, there is only one thing to do. Allow the summer daze to take over.

Put on your best sunglasses, head to the pool or the beach and give in.

There really are only 7 weeks of summer in between the last day of school and the first day in the fall, you must make the most of every single day.

If you are a parent, give in and let them do what they want and try to join them as often as you can. If you look back, didn’t you do that? Spending each day sleeping in, staying up late and eating whatever you wanted – on your own schedule.

If you are an adult with any amount of freedom in your schedule. Do it for yourself.

It is hot and humid and the glorious summer daze is just a brief blip in a life before the commitments to crazy schedules, long work days/weeks and fewer holidays or vacations than are really needed. Give in. Let them be kids. Let yourself be as close to a kid again as you can be…You would do it if you could, I’d bet. You just have to set yourself free.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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