That Remake Is Magical

That remake is magical… you know that song, the one on the radio – the one I can’t get enough of hearing.

Weezer and their interpretation of “Africa”…which sounds an awful lot like the original.

My husband just heard it for the first time tonight – driving my car, listening to my radio station.

He was like wow, that was great.

I was like, wow! I. Know.

Our youngest daughter has heard it; she knows it and can’t stop singing it either. Technically she’s more than a generation – hers, Y/Millennial and Gen X – the last one being for whom it was popular. Still – that remake is magical – or, maybe the original was, and the remake is just channeling it’s inner Toto. For the record, she’s also into Abba, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and John Denver, too. Gotta love music that all generations – no matter how many removed – can appreciate and share.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Here’s “Africa

PPS Here’s “Rosanna” (good, but not magical IMHO)

PPPS John Denver’s real name: Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr (a weird fact she shared.)

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