A Pen or a Magic Wand

When I read a book, sometimes I wonder if the author controls a pen or a magic wand. Of course, writers probably less often use a pen, but still – you get the idea.

Authors make us fall in love with characters, quite literally – I am pretty sure that is the appropriate use of the term vs. a teen’s exaggeration – having us go down a rabbit hole into another world of their vision and creation. A world that we can see in our mind’s eye and almost understand what it would be like to be there, to live there and to experience what the characters see, feel, smell, taste and touch.

Whether you are on a speeding commuter train, thinking you saw a murder victim and you are unclear in your thoughts because of the after “work” cocktails you imbibed; or you actually believe that candles hover over massive banquet tables at an exclusive school of wizardry and witchcraft in Great Britain – you believe more through their words than you did before.

Every time I read a book,

  • I am amazed.
  • I am in awe.
  • I admire their efforts.
  • I applaud their work.
  • I am inspired.

As a child, I had a scholastic subscription to a book series, or maybe it was a magazine that had special offers at the back. Not tonics to regrow hair, or slim down your tummy, make money from home or look younger – but things l would want. Things that were impossible to buy in the real world, for any some of money.

Special things like a pen or a magic wand – believe me both quite valuable and useful. In fact, the pen in question was probably more powerful than magic wands…it could write your home work for you and never make mistakes. Well, maybe just the ones you always did – like spelling “stationary” when you meant “stationery” – so many people still do that. Yet, authors do not…they can’t. Still, because they take the time to ensure they are using the right word and the proper spelling, they might be labeled as using magic when really, they are just wonderfully creative, magnificent in their craft and dedicated people whom we should always choose to admire.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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