Thanks For Having Us

No matter how you were invited, or what you had to do to be there and how much it took to participate in the day – it’s means more than just being appreciative when you say thanks for having us…

  • Guest singers at the local church – just not at all local to you – giving back while doing what you love.
  • Visiting the senior community, back again for the 18th year, they remember year over year.
  • Letting them go to the boardwalk to shop and be independent.
  • Having lunch with your in laws – thier favorite foods – or at least a few of them, and of course, some of yours, too.
  • Helping enjoy the food your parents and cousins made for dinner; a feast for everyone complete with the most loved ice cream…

I know how much it takes to host and coordinate everyone’s preferences. Whether dining out, catering or home prepared meals – it takes a lot of effort, thoughtfulness and energy – cleaning the house, arranging the flowers, wrapping the gifts, having the special little things the guests enjoy – it all makes a difference. 

Saying thanks for having us is not nearly enough for everything moms have done today, yesterday and all those years before, while they continue to do still more every day for their family…starting with being our mom in the first place. So we also must continue to ask: How can I help? What can I do? What can I bring? And let’s not ever forget, the most perfect thing to say of all – I love you – thanks for always being you.~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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