Tell Us The Stories

It is fun when someone acquiesces to our request, even repeatedly, and agrees to tell us the stories.

As kids, we want the same ones over and over again. They make us laugh, they make us comfortable and they make us feel loved. We become a part of that time in their life.

When we are tired, it helps us relax. It is comforting, familiar and we don’t have to pay too close attention to remember the plot, or follow the characters journey.

If we have too many things on our mind, the stories distract us. It is a great way to keep our focus on other things and we can relax.

Be patient when your kids say tell us the stories. Share the ones with them from when they were younger, when you were younger or just any thing that you want them to remember and they will pass it on.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS It works with adults, too.

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