It’s Been Years

It’s been years since we have been celebrating Valentines Day together. All of them different, some similar.

None like this.

Fine dining reservation with champagne toast and a shared dessert.

A long bubble bath complete with romantic candles.

Just the candles and mini home made tapas plates.

Dinner out with the kids.

Family gatherings for birthdays celebrated early.

Combined weekends for the romantic and patriotic.

Roses. Delivered to home.

Candy, chocolates and fondue (I think we did that one time.)

Five course meals and decadent desserts.

Roses delivered to the office, always attention getting (and seriously expensive.)

Time with family before a long, sad goodbye and morning mass.

Casual, at home on a school/work night, watching movies together (maybe the Peanuts Valentine Special.)

Yet, this one – after a year “hole up” at home together – we will be apart … it’s been years since that happened and let’s not let it happen again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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