Can I help?

The toughest position in any company is the person whose job it is to say (over and over and over) “can I help?

Inevitably, someone will say, and not in a good way, “NO.” Instead, they could just be nice about it…if you don’t need help, it’s fine, just say, “no thanks” – and be sincere. 

I’ve thought this before, and it is still true.

I asked the Genius today, how hard it was to get a job with Apple. He said, pretty honestly, it wasn’t that hard…not as hard as actually being successful. He said that it takes patience. It takes being able to handle cranky people. It takes being able to ask the same question over and over again.

He said…”not everyone is as nice as you.” 


That sounds like a compliment, and I guess it is. But really, why does that have to be true?

People all over the place could be nicer, especially to people who are just trying to help you. They are the front line in customer service and they get the worst of the worst.

Why would anyone slam someone who simply says, “can I help?” It is often someone’s first job, and no wonder Millenials have gotten smarter than everyone else over 30. They won’t wait to get off the treadmill, they don’t even plan to get on it. They’re gonna just start and do the things they’re passionate about. No excuses. No apologies. No fear…they’ve already faced down someone who can’t get their iPhone to magically back up to the cloud and completely lost their mind because they lost all their contacts…which they believe is through no fault of their own.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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