Talk About Love

Inquiring minds wanted to know what a pre-teen boy thought about love and what they might say when asked to talk about love. (Well, at least this inquiring mind anyway.) So, as I did yesterday, I asked one of my children – the boy this time;

“What do you think about the word love?”

“Um, not much.”

Surprise, surprise. (I even gave him 24 hours notice. I didn’t spring this on him in the car. Although I highly recommend the concept of a captive audience – I recommend that to all parents, everywhere.)

At this age, maybe he doesn’t have any thoughts about it, at least none to verbalize or, maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it (with his mom!) I know, I put him in a tough position, but at least it started a good conversation.

For his sake and for showing my love for him, I won’t share the details. He is sweet, observant, kind, helpful and a loving, caring boy, who is growing quickly into a man.

I have many hopes for him and one of them is for him to find someone who is right for him, who is his friend, someone he will love, someone who will love him back. Someone with whom he can talk about love and not be embarrassed. I’ll let her have that. I want it for both of them.

~ Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl


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