Ain’t Love Grand

Can you imagine what it was like 60 or 70 years ago when two people met, decided to get married and raise a family? Did they walk around all moony-eyed and saying things like “he’s a real hip cat” or “ain’t love grand“?

No, probably not. Probably wasn’t that much different than it is today. They liked each other, enjoyed talking to each other and had no idea that – flash forward a bunch of decades – they would have created an entire legacy of kids and grand children who would wonder if they had a chaperone when they went out on a date. (They didn’t.) Ok, so they didn’t have friends with benefits or social media to secretly check out the person they liked but they had dreams of what their life would be together.

They never thought that the simplest way to show love would be to stay together and invite their kids to learn everything that they could learn, to pay for college (or at least encourage them to apply and go to college) so they would have a “better life”. That one day they would take their grandchildren on vacation to Florida or invite them to spend an entire month with them in Arizona – making room in between work and living their own “regular” lives but still finding a way to make it special. Sharing their music. Sharing their art. Sharing their thoughts. Showing their viewpoint of the world and life and love.

Maybe they did think “oh my god she’s beautiful” when they saw your grandmother for the first time. Maybe it was love at first sight. Maybe they said “ain’t love grand” but they probably didn’t – even if it was.

~ Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl

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