Talk About Kids

When you are a kid, and you talk about kids, it is probably not a good thing…

We’ve all been there. It’s rough. From 3rd or 4th grade, into tweens and becoming a teenager, it’s especially awful today with the easy communication of social media and pictures, too. Oh, the silly thing they did, the outfit they chose, the crazy experimental hairstyle…what were they thinking?

As a parent, the stories you can share…

  • the silly thing they did that made everyone in the family laugh
  • the outfit they chose – all by themselves – what a statement and they are comfortable expressing themselves
  • the crazy experimental hairstyle…you tried it, but on them – it looks cool

Your perspective and experience as a parent, the very mundane, every day things…

  • your evening yesterday
  • your morning today
  • your drive to school

Made better by your children.

They are great – the best thing that happened to you (after meeting your spouse) and it is fabulous.

  • the way they say their favorite words
  • the risky things they do
  • the weird, meandering stories they tell
  • the absolutely adorable behaviors

Wow. Completely amazed every day.

  • we can’t wait to share what happened
  • we can’t wait to share our news
  • we can’t wait to regale the tale

We talk about work. Sure. But, once you have ’em, you want to talk about kids and how much you love them…even when they bug you to the point of exhaustion…they’re yours and you are so proud of how much they are like you, like your spouse, or a grandparent, or an aunt/uncle…or how unique they are and that they impress you every day. Just ask a parent to tell you something about their kids and you will soon be talking for hours…and it is so perfect, because you wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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