Remember It’s New

When you get going and you are busy, you have to stop and think about everything that you know. The things that just come natural to you. It is difficult to think that way…to you, it is old habit, but you still must remember it’s new to them.

  • Your new driver – or even their new driver – the one who took that turn really, really, I mean really slowly.
  • Young, aspiring chef at home who wants to do it themselves. All of it.
  • Your tween/teen – wants to go out with friends for the first time on Halloween. It is fun and exciting, they’re planning it way, way in advance. So early that it was still summer and now you can’t remember but you told them you’d think about it and well, you’ve had plenty of time – let them take their old plastic pumpkin it is definitely cuter.
  • Your baby taking their first steps, you might just have to let go, but be close to catch them – the corner on that baseboard is far away but can still create a nasty bruise.
  • Your parents, the ones who raised you, are going to watch their grand baby – if you will let them. It isn’t new to them, not entirely, but you can still give them the run down on the “normal” routine it might help them either way – they may laugh at you, but laughing is good medicine.
  • Your family, who doesn’t know what you did in your day, but will tell you if you ask them. What they did might be the same thing you have done before, but if they’re taking on new roles, new responsibilities, let them share their insights – you might be surprised by their view of the world.

All of that. All the smiles and the joy and the nervousness and the thrill of the first time for any new experience. Remember it’s new and exciting and they don’t need to be reminded – to be careful – all the time about it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS It can also be a thing, and you, not the kids. You, driving your new car, the one with the perfect brakes – tap them and you will stop on a dime. You will only probably do that for a month or two before you too get the habit of it.

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