Take The Pen

I like felt tip markers and I’m sorry to the gentleman who was in the audience during a panel session about outsourcing sales the other day when that’s all I had to offer to him. He said he would take a crappy throwaway pen, which I unfortunately did not have because… well, I have higher expectations than that so I don’t pick them up even when someone says take the pen.

I’m not saying he didn’t or doesn’t have standards, he really just wanted a “pen”.

I love pens, too. I really do. I love good pens and my perspective of what makes a good pen is very different from someone else. They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That said, I’m perfectly fine to buy a 10 pack of BIC old-fashioned crystal pens that are not expensive; I still love the way they write.

While I can be flexible there are actually a lot of people who will turn down a marker.

Really? (Yea… they do. All the time.)

Regardless, the “crappy pens” as he said, are usually branded giveaways. Maybe not always cheap pens, sometimes they are really expensive – which doesn’t mean they are better… pretty maybe and they match their brand; or someone on the marketing team just liked them. A lot of companies choose something to represent their brand, to make you remember them, when all you need is to jot down your ideas, write a check or share a crappy, disposable pen.

Even though personal preference comes into it, I feel bad that I didn’t just give it to him anyway. “Take the pen – I mean, take the marker…at least this is something that you can use to write your notes.” But, he didn’t seem interested and I can’t hold that against him – I just hope that he doesn’t hold it against me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Bic Cristal pen

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