Take a Moment to Breathe

Every day take a moment to breathe and see something new, something in a new light, something different.

In your home, your office, your place of business, getting in your car in the parking lot, and even in your every day stop at the coffee house, you should look around.

  • Who is there today?
  • What can be updated?
  • What can be put away?
  • What should you change?
  • Who should be there with you?
  • What is it that you can do today that will make tomorrow better?
  • When did the sky become this beautiful color and is it that color every day?

Reset, recenter and refocus…take a moment to breathe and decide how you will make today a better day for you, your clients, your customers, your family and your friends…it might just take 30 seconds, it might take an hour…you may decide the entire day should be dedicated to small changes that will make the future ever brighter and better for tomorrow. It starts with just one short little moment when you decide to make time for what matters.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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