Sweet or Savory

Seriously folks… it doesn’t matter if it is sweet or savory, either one would be the perfect dessert.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the overarching problem is not the OR, but the AND, between those two words.

After a full day of work, effort, practice, heart-to-heart discussions, reminiscing, recollections, calculations, confessions, more practice, shopping, walking, messing up things, cleaning up more things, laundry, getting up early…staying out late – there is only one question.

How do you reward the effort?

  • Go to bed early?
  • Read¬† book?
  • Take a nap?
  • Do it all over again…and then some?

No. You go out for a small treat before you go home.

Sweet or savory? Or, well, heck. Both? Nah – we were “good” and opted for sweet by going to a favorite ice cream shoppe (yup – it’s a fancy place.) That is when the problem started. After one scoop for me and two scoops for her,¬† we both agreed that we wanted fries with that. Lucky for us that McDonald’s isn’t anywhere near there – really, it isn’t even close. I guess living in the rural-end-of-the-burbs is good for more than the opportunity for walks and hiking. Sometimes it is just too far to drive for things that really – you don’t need anyway.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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