Really You Don’t

When they say you don’t need something, no matter how inexpensive it is…it’s true. Really, you don’t.

  • Inflatable beach chair. Nope.
  • Matching hula hoops. Nope.
  • Cloud shaped TP rack. Nope.
  • Illuminated umbrella that looks like a light saber. Nope.
  • Two dozen donuts. Nope.
  • Retro sweatshirt from that band you liked in college for your teenager. Nope.
  • Clothes that don’t fit well in the dressing room, but look kinda cute on the manaquin. Nope.

If it isn’t perfect, an absolute must have, a fun gift for the birthday girl, or well…in the budget – really you don’t need to buy it…even if it can be delivered today for free from Amazon Prime.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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