Sweatshirt Weather

This isn’t so much about the changing weather as it is the apparent and perpetual classification (mostly by my children) that it is “sweatshirt weather“.

Now, as you may recall, we do not have central air in our 130+ year old house (some old houses do, bless their owner’s little hearts and wallets…) so this post does not apply to the cooler temps in our home.

However; school is air conditioned – year round – and yes, that 65-70 degree temperature pushes the kids to all wear hoodies. Every day.

I know, some of you may say, “my son wears shorts year round…even when it is 20 degrees outside.” Yes. I remember. I think they do, sometimes, if I recall correctly, wear a hoodie with those shorts. (If I am mistaken, simply delete the word “all” from the above.)

On college campus, the normal attire was sweatshirt and some kind of pant-like clothing *long, short, jeans, sweats, yoga (didn’t “exist” then like it does today), or even a skirt with tights.

They go beyond comfort and exude comfy…into security – like a blanket, but sociallly acceptable. They are mainstream, popular, neutral almost – and they go with all body types, genders and ages. They are universal.

Today, we have a fairly large collection of hoodies, from heavy, fuzzy, fleece lined, to light weight, no pocket versions. Since the northeast can not ever be confused with southern california’s year round seventy degree sunshiny days… you will see, around here, it is getting to be a lot like sweatshirt weather. Hoping it stays like this for a few more weeks…until Thanksgiving would be nice, but I don’t think we will make it that long without a winter coat (which we will wear over our sweatshirt). Happy November everyone.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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