Cozy Spaces

Everyone loves cozy spaces.  Of course, in a home it is essential. The owner works to make a house into a home. It can take years…after buying a house, you may not have enough resouces to fill it with that perfect ambiance that makes it into an every day living space.

There are many other places where you seek comfort, especially in the fall as the weather is unpredictable – sunny and hot one moment, grey and chilly the next. 

In a restaurant, in the library (or a book store), a hotel lounge or coffee shop – designers strive to make that space for every day – whether it is fall, winter, spring or summer. This designer’s eye is what appeals to the customers and clients and helps bring them back, time and time again.

If you are selling a home, especially one that wasn’t yours, you must channel your inner designer. You may need to enlist friends and family, borrowing every resource you have at your disposal to create the perfect cozy spaces to capture the hearts of new homeowners. When someone decides to buy, you celebrate…even when it is with sadness and regret, perhaps, that you will be saying good-bye to a home you’ve known for years.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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