Get In Line

You think you have problems? Get in line…at least that is what I think the ducks might say (if they could talk.)

I know it sounds pretty silly, but think about how hard it is for ducks to communicate and yet, even without a clear spoken language, they seem to figure it out. I guess if you squawk loud enough and flap your wings frantically enough, the idea gets through to even the slowest to respond.

Think of slow in whatever way you want to think of it.


We are so lucky as humans that we have verbal language. Yet, we choose, quite willingly to use written form, and then break it down to even lower denominations of clarity such as a jotted off e-mail, or worse, we text.

The nuance of how I am saying this as I type, in my head, is going to be completely lost – unless you really know me and then, maybe – just maybe – you have a chance.

We all have our issues when it comes to communication – whether you think you do or not – you do.

If not, divorce wouldn’t exist. Romantic comedies would not have those moments where the viewer is inclined to (sometimes) scream at the screen and say – “Come on! He likes you!! Just lean in and kiss him for goodness sake. You are perfect together!”

Oh, yes, and don’t even get me started on the cringe-worthiness of any (pretty much) Ben Stiller film.

When it comes to being misunderstood, we are far and ahead of the dogs, the cats, the ducks (obviously), the cows, the horses – you can insert your favorite domesticated animal of any family and you will find that we – the humans are the better off of all the families defined.

Sometimes I really have to wonder about this and then, you realize that of all our problems, this is probably the least important, so you can just tag it as such and set it aside. Then, you can get in line and go to renew your driver’s license or your passport, because if you live in a state without the Real ID act, you are going to need it sooner than you think.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS How did I go from ducks to communication to travel and passports? That is just the way the human mind works. Love it or hate it. It is what it is.

PPS These ducks are from Duck, OBX to which I would choose to fly if I could, since I am not all that interested in driving there. Of course, I will, but I just won’t like it very much and I won’t need my passport to get there.

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